New TFL Gear Is Available For Pre-Order NOW — Here’s How You Can Get It With Free Shipping!

We're launching this gear with free shipping on orders of $50 or more

We’ve partnered with The Duck Company to launch a whole new line of TFL apparel — check it out! [Photos: TFL store]

You’ve been asking for it, we’ve wanted to do it, and now we’re actually launching a new line of TFL merchandise. Specifically, we’ve partnered with local outfit The Duck Company on a bespoke line of new TFL apparel, and you can pre-order it right now at our online store! Head to this link or click “TFL” from the main site to get to our new store.

If you order $50 or more in gear and use the code FREESHIP50, you’ll get free shipping! *Order fulfillment should begin on or around August 15, 2020.*

Check out how our new gear looks in the gallery below:

New apparel from TFL Studios

Some of our the most iconic parts of what makes TFL Studios are not available for you to wear. Things like the Ike Gauntlet t-shirt and a long-sleeve shirt with “News, Views and Real-World Reviews” is also available for pre-order.

We even have a #FreeTFL t-shirt design, if you’ve been following that whole saga. Whether you decide to order some gear for yourself or as a gift, any merchandise you buy goes right back into building out the online store with more designs, and to building our team. Let us know what you think of the new apparel in the comments below, and thank you for supporting TFL Studios!