Ford Bronco Hybrid? “It will have a Hybrid Option” – – Ford CEO Jim Hackett

Baby Bronco leaked
It looks like a Ford Bronco hybrid is coming too! [Photo:]

Looks like a Bronco Hybrid is coming. During a recent shareholder meeting, Ford CEO Jim Hackett stated that the upcoming Ford Bronco will have a Hybrid option. The news was reported/Tweeted by automotive journalist Michael Martinez before being picked up by Car and Driver.

It’s interesting to note that the Ford Bronco Scout (or whatever they plan to call it) is based on the new Ford Escape’s platform. That vehicle has a regular and plug-in hybrid variant. Many competitors from Toyota, FCA, Mercedes-Benz and GM (to name a few) have already produced, or will produce a hybrid crossover/SUV.

The upcoming Ford Bronco will share components with the Ford Ranger. Ford made it no secret that they are going to electrify much of their fleet in the coming years. It’s safe to say that, with Ford’s lofty electrification plans, other vehicles like the Ranger could follow.

There are no details available regarding the new Ford Bronco hybrid. Hell, there’s almost nothing available about the regular Bronco. Still, this gives us a tantalizing clue as to what Ford is planning with the Bronco line.

Remember, we are expecting to see the new 2020 Ford Explorer with a hybrid powertrain. Is it possible that the Bronco will use something like the Explorer’s setup? Sandwiching the electric motor between the engine and transmission seems ideal for front engine, rear drive vehicles; including truck-based SUVs.

Check out this video where we review image of a heavily disguised Ford Bronco test mule.