Porsche Taycan Drops The Camo, Reveals Its True Headlights And Side Windows

The production model will likely debut in September

Porsche Taycan spied

The Porsche Taycan forum spotted a less camouflaged prototype.

As the upcoming Porsche Taycan inches ever closer to production, we’re getting a clearer idea of what it will ultimately look like. Unlike previous spy shots, these ones actually show the car’s true headlights, underneath the plastic assembly that hid their details. We can also see the car’s side window, which was also covered in older spy shots.

Based on Porsche’s past renderings of the Mission-E and after they announced the Taycan name, it seems the production version will stay pretty true to form from the concept. Members of the Taycan Forum posted the latest prototype in action Thursday. Some went so far as to digitally peel back what little camouflage remains. In doing that, we can see that Porsche stayed true to the Mission E’s design philosophy. apart from the mirrors, door handles and wheels, it looks pretty much identical.

Porsche Taycan prototype spotted
Top: Porsche Mission E Concept.
Bottom: Porsche Taycan prototype. [Photo: Taycan forum]

Around the back, Porsche still used red masking tape to conceal the taillights. Even so, it the bit we can see looks similar to past renderings. Weirdly, there’s also a little symbol on the trunk. I don’t know about you, but it looks a bit like Mercedes’ three-pointed star to me.

Of course, black prototype mules hide a lot of the true detail, even when they’re not draped in camouflage. Even so, we should know more soon. Porsche looks like it’s in the last stages of development, and aims to reveal the final version in September around the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Photos: Taycan Forum