Could Ford Removable Door Patents Point to the New Ford Bronco Design? (News)

2021 ford bronco removable doors
Ford patent applications for removable door design

Ford recently filed or updated at least two patent applications that have to do with removable doors. The questions are swirling. Does this mean the upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco will have removable doors? Here is what we know and don’t know.

One of the patents has to do with a removable door and has an internal safety structure that can be detached and mounted back to the vehicle for protection (similar to aftermarket “tube doors” for a Jeep Wrangler).

The second patent has to do with separating the two halves of the door into an upper and lower sections (“half doors”)? It means the top glass frame can separate from the bottom. The patent shows a way for the window glass to remain inside the bottom half of the door even if the top half is separated.

We do not have any official word from Ford on this matter. Ford says that the new Bronco will be shown in 2020, but do not have many official details beyond that.

New Ford Bronco
[Photo: Ford]

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