Cadillac Will Show You Exactly How Much Torque The XT6 Has, Thanks To New Badging Scheme

The new badging will eventually make its way to every Cadillac

Cadillac moves to new torque-based badging scheme

Cadillac is changing the way it badges its powertrains

So long, “2.0T” badging. Cadillac is overhauling how it badges the powertrains on its models. Instead of showing the engine’s displacement, it will focus on torque instead. The move comes as the brand prepares to leave internal combustion behind for all-electric drivetrains.

“We’re not talking about displacement anymore,” Cadillac president Steve Carlisle said in a Wednesday briefing. “What’s the appeal of an electric motor and electric car? It’s the torque.” To that end, the badging of future Cadillac models will change to suit.

Here’s how that will work: Instead of using a “3.6” badge on the upcoming Cadillac XT6, it will display the torque figure. However, it will display the metric torque number (in newton-meters), rounded to the nearest 50. The XT6 makes 271 lb-ft of torque from its 3.6-liter V6, or 367 newton-meters. Generously round that up, and you arrive at the “400” badge Cadillac will use. If the model has a turbocharged engine, it will have a “T” at the end of the torque figure.

The badging change will start with the Cadillac XT6, then move to other models. The company reportedly decided to use the metric figures because of the brand’s global markets. “You have to think about all the markets we are doing business in,” Carlisle said.