Here’s How Badass the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Wagon Could Look

These renderings definitely have us wanting the wagon

Our friends at the Taycan Forum just released some new renderings of two Electrified Porsches. According to the forum, Porsche plans a Taycan Targa and a Taycan Sport Turismo for launch in the near future. Of course, these are not official images. But, they look pretty darn good! Of course, both of these prospective Taycan variants will be based on the upcoming Porsche Taycan, which is a fully electric sport sedan.

[Photo: Taycan Forum]

Taycan Targa

The Taycan Forum Report suggests a Taycan Targa should show up sometime in 2021-2022, citing Porsche finance director Lutz Meschke. It seems this Targa version of Porsche’s upcoming fully electric sport sedan will receive a familiar treatment to fans of Targas. This rendering shows the Taycan with a huge sliding glass roof. The roof is designed to slide into the hatch area, allowing for a convertible like feel. Other than the glass roof, this rendering looks relatively familiar to the standard Taycan. The four-door coupe style, with sloping roofline is still there, just with more glass.

[Photo: Taycan Forum]

Taycan Sport Turismo

Of course, the other model shown in these renderings is a Sport Turismo version of the Taycan. Porsche already has a Panamera Sport Turismo, which turns the four-door sedan into a sporty Porsche wagon. Same idea here. The Sport Turismo Taycan, which has been captured in some spy photos, gets a hatchback and elongated wagon design. The main benefit of this tweak is obviously a more utilitarian car overall. The Taycan Sport Turismo should arrive in a similar timeframe to the Targa. Although, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it show up a little sooner than the Targa.

[Photo: Taycan Forum]
Of course, we want to know what you guys think of these new Electric Porsche designs. Drop a comment down below and tell us which one you would buy!

Special thanks to Taycan Forum for sending us these renderings!

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