Should Roman Trade In TFL’s Hellcat in for THIS New Challenger?

Perhaps its time for TFL to get another high-horsepower machine

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
TFL’s Hellcat at the Colorado Mile airport run. [photo: TFL]
You probably know that TFL has a long-term 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Since Roman picked up the keys for this Mopar muscle car, TFL has made several videos with it. The car has won plenty of drag races, and its forced a smile even on the grumpiest among TFL’s staff. Professional race car driver Paul even drifted at the track with it. Overall, we’ve had a very positive experience with the Hellcat. But isn’t it time for a change?

It is kind of becoming a stereotype. We get to know new editions of Challenger literally all the time. Over and over again. Every flavor of this vehicle gives us the same base but different tweaks on it. The price always varies from $30,000 all the way up to nearly $80,000. The engine is always a V6 or a V8. Styling is aggressive, to say the least. Its current generation has been around for a decade now, as well. Then again, there’s something about the name…Challenger. Perhaps there’s another Challenger that would also put some smiles on the TFL team’s faces? Something like a Hellcat Redeye, don’t you think? No, that’s not thinking outside the box!

Better than a Hellcat? [Photo: AGCO]
You won’t believe what came out this time. We are getting serious comfort, power, handling, design, and price altogether in one package! Not going to tease you anymore. Let’s get right to it. This incredible machine packs lots of horsepower, top handling in the segment and great looks. It’s called AGCO Challenger MT875E. And yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – it is a tractor.

Under the hood of this beast lies a 16.8-liter twelve-cylinder diesel by AGCO Power. And it’s twin-turboed! This monster of an engine makes 600 horsepower and 2,095 lb-ft of torque. The power feeds a 16-speed CAT transmission and goes to Mobil-trac track system. Altogether this powertrain can go up to 25 mph top speed. You will never be disappointed by the tractor’s capabilities. Hydraulic pump has a standard flow of 59 GPM, the second pump will kick in to provide 85 GPM when the work gets tough. Maneuverability is improved by a hydraulically controlled drawbar.

Great 360 degree view from the cabin. [Photo: AGCO]
Stepping into the cabin you see your vented-leather seat. As you sit down there’s a great 360-degree view that no car can compare to. Most importantly, when you start the work there’s nothing better than automatic steering provided by the Auto-Guide 3000 Advanced system. There are satellites helping man sort the job out!

The list of cool features provided by modern technologies doesn’t end here. Tired of sitting in the cabin for hours? Your phone can be connected to the tractor’s stereo via Bluetooth so you can answer your calls. Or, even better, you can crank up some country beats and play it through 4 speakers and subwoofer of optional Kicker Speaker System.

You can charge your phone thanks to a USB charger or power other accessories using 6 three-pin 12-volt outlets.

Challenger at work. [Photo: AGCO]
AGCO, the tractor’s manufacturer, boasts of easy maintenance. Challenger has an easy-open hood, easy-to-reach air filter, and oil dip stick and also 5 easy-access service points. Big plus also comes with a 2-plane pivoting radiator that makes cleaning the cooling system a piece of cake. You can also opt out an air compressor that allows you to inflate tires, power pneumatic tools and use clean out nozzles.

Overall the AGCO Challenger MT875E Tractor is a great choice for farmers looking for a powerful machine. It surely gets the job done faster than the most of average tractors and does it in a pleasing and comfortable manner.

Challenger at SPEED! [Photo: AGCO]
As far as the price goes the base Challenger MT800E Series Tractor stickers at $448,760 with just 460 hp engine under the hood. Next power levels are 500 and 550 hp which add $20,200 and $45,450 to the price. The top 600 hp Tractor is being sold for $519,460. Now that’s a supercar price territory right?

Should TFL get into the farming game?

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Should Roman really trade his Hellcat in just yet? I don’t think so. The tractor is supercar expensive, but you can’t take it just anywhere. Of course, TFL isn’t really considering getting into the farming game. But is it time to let go of the Challenger for something new? Share your opinion in the discussion below!

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