Russian Weapon Maker Kalashnikov Builds CV-1 Electric Car, Hunts for Tesla [News]

This is the Kalashnikov CV-1 electric car.

Yes, that Kalashnikov. This car debuted at a defense exposition just outside of Moscow. Not only did they build an electric car, but it’s billed as a soon-to-be rival to Tesla. Very little technical information is available about the CV-1 at the moment, so it’s hard to judge the actual merit of their claim. However, the company says it will be able drive 350 kilometers on a charge. Many of the components are supposed to be developed in-house and they hope to compete directly with Tesla’s machines.

The retro exterior design was inspired by the “Izh-Kombi” which was a Soviet-era hatchback from the 1970s.

“We are developing our own concept of an electric supercar, which is based on several original systems developed by the concern,” said a Kalashnikov spokesperson.”We were inspired by the experience of global market leaders in developing our concept.” They went on in a BBC interview: “This technology will let us stand in the ranks of global electric car producers such as Tesla and be their competitor.”

While some are quick to criticize this car as utterly ridiculous, I find it kind of punk-rock in its contempt for contemporary design. It’s another example how electric vehicles can make retro design look cool.

We have yet to talk to senior editor, producer and resident Russian Andre Smirnov about it. He may be willing to trade his H2 on one.

And speaking of electrified Russians, check out the video below: