2019 Lincoln Aviator: Three Rows, Hybrid, and Inspired by Flight [Video]

Three-row SUVs are red hot right now, and Lincoln has chosen to further capitalize on this corner of the automotive market. To do that, they’ve introduced the all-new 2019 Lincoln Aviator at this year’s New York Auto Show. Reviving a nameplate out of service since 2005, Lincoln passed on the Navigator’s qualities to the new, smaller model as well. But there’s a new story afoot – this time, the Aviator also goes for efficiency, in addition to luxury.

Hybrid Powertrain

In its return to the luxury SUV fold, the 2019 Lincoln Aviator will have an available plug-in hybrid powertrain. Lincoln has not given up a whole lot of information about this powertrain just yet. However, they have said it will make use of a twin-turbocharged gas motor to relieve range anxiety. We expect that gas motor to be an EcoBoost turbocharged V6.

Lincoln have noted that this vehicle will be rear-wheel drive, but have not commented whether an all-wheel drive version will be available.

2019 Lincoln Aviator
[Photo: Lincoln]

Technology Galore

Being a premium luxury SUV, the Aviator needs to bristle with the latest technology available. A notable new feature here is Lincoln’s use of your smartphone as they key to your car. You will be able to lock, unlock, start, turn off, and open the trunk of your 2019 Lincoln Aviator from an app on your smartphone.

We also know the Aviator will host a more advanced suite of safety tech. Enter Lincoln Co-Pilot 360, a system that adds rear braking assist to the list of standard safety fare. Other features include blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, and lane keep assist. The 2019 Lincoln Aviator also ships with the latest version of the SYNC infotainment system.

Performance, fuel economy and pricing are all still question marks at this point. However, stay tuned to TFLcar.com for more updates! Check out TFLcar and TFLnow for more information on the 2019 Lincoln Aviator and catch our coverage of the 2018 New York International Auto Show!

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2019 Lincoln Aviator
The 2019 Lincoln Aviator will have a plug-in hybrid option. [Photo: Lincoln]