How Difficult is Folding the Wrangler JL’s Windshield? [Video]

Folding down the windshield on the old JK was no easy task. How long does it take to fold the Wrangler JL’s windshield?

In today’s TFLcar video, you join Roman and Andre outside Tucson, Arizona, where we’ve tested the brand new Wrangler JL off-road. If you haven’t seen that video, click here to head over to our YouTube page or check it out below! Now, however, we answer the question of just how long it takes to fold down the Wrangler JL’s windshield.

This video, sponsored by our friends over at Bestop – the exclusive supplier of Jeep soft tops for 30+ years – shows just how simple it is to fold the windshield compared to the old JK. With the old Wrangler, it would take you an age to undo all the bolts to fold the windshield. The new one, however, is much improved over the JK design. Just remove the wipers, remove four bolts along the header, secure the windshield to the hood, and you’re done! Jeep even provides all the tools and instructions on how to do it.

Head of Jeep Brand Design Mark Allen walks us through the process of folding the new Wrangler JL’s windshield. Check it out to see how he does against the clock! Unfortunately for some Wrangler enthusiasts, the A-pillar does remain in place with the windshield folded – some may consider that a mark against the car compared to its predecessor.

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