BMW M2 CS: Leaked U.S.-market Test Mule VINs Reveal Specs, Options [News]

2016 BMW M2
The BMW M2 is one of the best M cars currently in production.

VINs were recently leaked of 16 U.S.-spec M2 CS test mules, shedding light on possible specs and options.

At last year’s NAIAS, BMW worked its magic and showed us the M2 – arguably one of the best M cars ever made. Small in stature, rear-wheel-drive and powered by a 365 horsepower, twin-turbo straight-6, this pint-sized rocket is difficult to beat. However, as with most performance cars, there’s always somewhere to go. Earlier this year, rumors surfaced that the CS version of the M2 would go into production next year. Following that, more information continued to trickle down. This included paint colors, interior options and some available packages. However, folks over at the Bimmerpost forums shared information of leaked VIN numbers from M2 CS test mules.

With these leaks, we now have it on good authority just what sort of engines, gearboxes, and other options will be available on the M2 CS. Here are the major points based on the VIN leaks:

  • Engine: The M2 CS may use a 3.0-liter S55 engine, rather than the N55 in the base M2. The M3/M4 currently have the S55 engine
    • Output: ~410 horsepower (45 more than the standard M2)
  • Gearbox: A six-speed manual may be standard, which would alleviate fears that the CS would be dual-clutch only.
  • Exterior colors: The M2 CS will likely get a few unique paint schemes over the standard M2.
  • Interior options: It looks like there will be some more options for the interior of the CS to make it stand out a bit from the ordinary M2.

We still have plenty left to determine about this car, but these leaked VINs – especially the ones showing manual transmissions – are promising signs to enthusiasts. No matter the potential options, who wouldn’t love a more hardcore version of one of BMW’s ultimate M cars?

Check out the video below to see TFLcar getting to know the standard M2, and stay tuned for more updates on the impending M2 CS.