The Top 9 Affordable Sporty Cars for Millennials at The 2017 Denver Auto Show

It’s April which can only mean one thing: The 2017 Denver Auto Show. This year Charlotte and I attended the show to find the top cars around $30,000 for millennials under 30, and boy did we take a differing approach.

From fun in the sun to pint sized pocket rockets, the Denver auto running between now and April 9th has an eclectic mix of trucks, cars and SUV’s. With nearly every manufacturer and price point present, the 2017 show has something for everyone.

My first fun to drive car from the show is the 2017 Mazda Miata RF. With the same SKYACTIV engine as found in the soft top car, the RF combines tight handling with effective weather protection to provide a throwback sports car feel (as long as the driver is under 6 feet 2 inches). Charlotte’s first choice, the VW Golf GTI is the evolution of the original hot hatch with a powerful turbocharged engine to impress. While I like the GTI, for affordable fun it doesn’t get much better than the new Honda Civic Hatch. A 1.5L turbo and the latest tech can be had for well under $24,000.

With a 2.0L turbo and manual transmission, Charlotte’s next choice, the 2017 MINI Cooper S packs a punch with 189HP fed through the front wheels. But as pocket rocket fun goes, it doesn’t get much better than the Fiat 500 Abarth. A less powerful 1.4L turbo and 5-speed manual mean the little Fiat is slower to 60 then the MINI, but straight pipes and firm suspension make the small car fun to throw around in the corners.

Charlotte’s next choice, the 2017 Toyota GT86 is one of the purest sports cars on the market today. A boxer four cylinder engine powering the rear wheels is a rare sight in a world of cross-overs. Although I do like the GT86, for those looking for a little more practicality with their affordable fun the Nissan Sentra SR Turbo fits the bill. Understated styling and an optional manual transmission make the Sentra Turbo a surprising sleeper.

The same cannot be said about our next two choices: The Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. When equipped with 4 cylinder turbocharged engines, these iconic pony cars are true sports cars of the modern era. But perhaps the most unusual car of the whole show is the 2015 Mitsubishi Evolution MR.

Sitting proudly among other the new Mitsubishi models, this Evo is still brand new with a 2015 model year window sticker hanging in the window. Why this car hasn’t been sold and why its displayed at the show is a mystery to us!

For more of our picks for top cars around $30,000 for millennials under 30 from the Denver Auto Show, check out the video below!