TFL’s new Book Truck Nuts Is Now For Sale for All Your Truck Needs

truck nuts book mrtruck kent sundling andre smirnov
The Fast Lane Truck’s Guide to Pickups

There can be no doubt TFL editors are crazy about pickup trucks, in fact we are all Truck Nuts. That’s why a Redneck and a Russian partnered up to write TFL’s comprehensive and fun complete guide to trucks. Andre Smirnov and Kent Sundling are an unlike truckin’ duo and yet together they wrote one of the best guides to the modern pickup truck available today.

What are all of the considerations when selecting a diesel vs. gas pickup truck? What are the pros and cons of each? Should you purchase a brand new truck or a used one? How to know a good used truck from a beater? This and many other pickup truck topics are in our new book “Truck Nuts: TFLtruck’s Guide to Pickups.” The book also many of our pickup truck stories and testing procedures.

Big thanks go out to Andre Smirnov, Kent “Mr. Truck” Sundling, Nathan Adlen, Mango Publishing, and you guys (all of the people who watch and read for making this book possible.

“Truck Nuts” is a fast read. Take a look at the table of contents.

2016 truck nuts book table contents

The book is already available. You can find and purchase the Truck Nuts Book here:

Here are the guys (Kent “Mr. Truck” Sundling, Nathan Adlen, and Andre Smirnov) discussing the Top 5 pros and cons of diesel versus gas trucks.