2016 Ford Focus RS Track and 0-60 MPH Review – TFL Leaderboard Hot or Not Ep.17 [Video]

The time that many TFLcar viewers and readers have been waiting for is finally here. We take the all-new, much-hyped, much-anticipated 2016 Ford Focus RS around our test track.

On this latest episode of TFL Leaderboard Hot or Not, we take an electric blue Focus RS to IMI Motorsports Park in Dacono, Colorado, our usual haunt for track tests, and take it on a 0-60 run and also on a hot lap (or two) of the track.

TFL’s race driver Paul Gerrard, who was actually born in England and is familiar with the Focus RS from his trips back to Ol’ Blighty, was the one behind the wheel and who gave the final Hot or Not verdict. Usually, both he and Roman Mica give the ratings, as Paul takes it around the track and Roman lives with the car for a week. However, this Focus RS was donated by a viewer, so all we could do was take it around the track.

But that’s what the RS is meant for anyway, right? With its 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 350 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque – more than the Ford Mustang with which it shares the engine – its trick all wheel system with rear-wheel biased drift mode, and its manual-only configuration, the RS was meant to be flogged around a racetrack.

Watch the complete video above to find out how the 2016 Ford Focus RS did from 0-60 and around the track and if it’s hot or not.

The wait is finally over. The highly coveted, all-new Ford Focus RS is now arriving at dealerships across the U.S. and for Jackson Gilmore – the first customer to take delivery of his RS – news of the car’s arrival was so big he ditched work to get behind the wheel.