A Brand-New Mustang GT can be Yours for just $14.99 [News]

LEGO Mustang GT

So maybe not a full size car, but still technically a Mustang GT.

On March 2nd, LEGO announced a couple of new sets within their Speed Champions Series. The new additions to the set include the Mustang GT set and a bigger kit which has the F-150 Raptor and a Model A Hot-Rod (with flames).

The Mustang GT set pretty much just comes with the car and a driver. Also included is a small lap-timer, a wrench for your test mechanic, and a spare set of plastic-alloy rims. The Mustang comes with authentic pony logo sticker and realistic headlight stickers for the model. This set comes with 185 pieces and is designed for kids ages 7-14. However, kids of all ages can buy and build this set. If you are interested in purchasing the little Mustang, the set costs only $14.99 on LEGO’s website.

LEGO Raptor Set

The F-150 Raptor set comes with a bit more to build and play with. Now you get two cars. First is of course the F-150 Raptor, but LEGO also gives you a Ford Model A Hot-Rod. After these main attractions, there is a plethora of other smaller items to build and play with. The Raptor comes with a small trailer to tow the Model A on. Additionally, you receive a team garage which includes a set of four minifigures, an engine crane and spare engine, a small welding machine and oil can. Plus, with this set you receive a set of starting lights as well as a podium for the race winner.

Of course this set includes a high-performance pickup truck and a valuable classic hot-rod so the price is a bit more steep. All of these items total $49.99. Since this set has a lot more pieces (664 to be exact), the recommended age is slightly higher. Now they recommend kids from ages 8-14 for this small race day toy. Again, kids of all ages are encouraged to enjoy LEGO toys, not just the ages written on the box.

Both of these new LEGO sets can be bought from LEGO’s website if you are interested, or just looking for something fun to do with your kid on a Saturday morning. These toys could provide a fun activity if you are finding yourself bored one weekend.

If the full-size Mustang is what you are more interested in, then check out our review below: