Top 5 Fun Car Facts to Impress Your Friends [Video]

Jaguar XF

TFL recently brought you a Top 5 Surprising Car Myths Exposed video (you can watch it here). This week, we talk about some fun car facts you might not be aware of. Gain some knowledge and impress your friends by memorizing the facts below. As a bonus, the video below contains a bonus question. Be the first to provide the correct answer to the bonus question in the comments section below and receive a free TFLtruck hat.

Fun Fact #5: There is one part that nearly every car on the planet has in common. This particular part is interchangeable between everything from the 2016 Jaguar XF 35t featured in the video to a Dodge Dart, and has been for quite some time. Do you know what it is? Hint: Cars typically come with four or five of them.

Fun Fact #4: Ever looked around and noticed that nearly all B-pillars are the same color? Trucks are a different story. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and try to visualize your cars B-pillars… what color are they (hopefully not chrome)? Convertible owners get a pass on this question.

Fun Fact #3: The 3-point seat belt is found on most all modern production cars, but who invented it? If you think about what car manufacturer is known for safety you can probably get this one… but there’s a reason the 3-point seat belt is so ubiquitous. Do you know why?

Fun Fact #2: Henry Ford sure loved his black cars. Was he a heavy metal fan or just being frugal when setting up his assembly line? Actually, neither. So what was the reason for the Model T’s monochromatic color scheme?

Fun Fact #1: This one is simple and straightforward: Why are many Porsche’s (along with some other manufacturers’) ignitions on the left hand side of the steering wheel?

Bonus Fun Fact: You’ll have to watch the video for this one. Also check your answers to any others you aren’t sure about. Post your answer to the bonus question in the comments below. Be the first to correctly answer and get a free TFLtruck hat!