Wind, Weather, and Wrangler at the Top of New Hampshire [Video]

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What is the highest drivable mountain in New Hampshire? It is one of the windiest places and harshest environments on earth and the highest mountain in the state – Mount Washington.

This peak’s weather changes quicker than in Colorado. This is a place with a registered record wind speed of 231 MPH. It can be cold and cloudy one minute, with the cloud rushing over the peak. Then, it can be sunny and warm the next minute.

Mount Washington, New Hampshire (by Jonathan Girard)
Mount Washington, New Hampshire (by Jonathan Girard)

Check out this episode of the Motor Mountain USA as Nathan and Andre bravely go up the steep and narrow toll road to the top of Mount Washington. The summit of the mountain is 6,288 feet above sea level. It is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States.

Not all vehicles are allowed in. If you car’s automatic does not allow you to select first or low gear, then it is a no go. The gate attendant at the entry will either clear your vehicle or recommend a guided van tour.

One of the best ways of experiencing America first hand is hitting the open road with the windows and top down in the 2015 Jeep Rubicon Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock. The Motor Mountain USA (#MMUSA) team embarks upon an epic road trip this year by visiting the highest drivable roads of every state in the USA. Along the way Nathan, Roman, Andre and Emme will visit locales less traveled and uniquely American attractions that make the United States one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations.

The New Hampshire belt buckle is hidden not far from the Mount Washington toll road. Watch the video below to see the location and get all the details.