June’s San Francisco Cars and Coffee Meetup [Point of View]


The San Francisco Cars and Coffee meetup is held on the first Saturday of every month on the Bay Area’s Treasure Island. One of the most comprehensive, well-attended auto events in Northern California, the event attracts thrill-seeking enthusiasts from around the Pacific Coast. June’s Cars and Coffee brought in some 200 vehicles, including exotics, classics, and modded track monsters. Here are the highlights from the event.

1) 1961 Aston Martin DB5 

aston martin db5

Not quite the Bond car, but close enough. This particular DB5 was discovered in disrepair by its current owner, who plucked it from obscurity decades ago for around $4,500. Though it had sustained serious accident damage and needed cosmetic attention, the DB5 began to take shape after a full restoration took place and the car became a daily driver. In typical Aston fashion, this DB5 currently sits with a large oil leak.

2) 1965 Porsche 356 C


One of the last 356s ever to be produced, this 356 C represents German simplicity at its finest. Completely and totally stock, this car received a respray in the early 1990s, but little else has been changed from factory spec. The car has been under its current ownership for approximately ten years now, and with little that needs repair, should be on the road for many years to come.

3) McLaren P1


One of the ultimate hypercars of the current day.

4) 1992 Ferrari F40 


A famous example within the F40 world, this Matte-green 1992 F40 drew a sizable crowd–its raucous, rough exhaust note made it unmistakable for event attendees. Even during its approach to the event parking lot, dozens of women, children, and adults flocked toward the car simply to get a first-hand listen to the twin-turbo V8’s growl. Our only complaint is that the F40 couldn’t do a full-throttle pass as it left thanks to CHP.

Pleas enjoy this TFLcar.com video review of the Ferrari F40.