Chevy Bolt Concept – Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know [Video]

Emme Hall reveals the Chevy Bolt concept at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.
Emme Hall reveals the Chevy Bolt concept at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

The Chevy Bolt Concept, a funky, five-door “mini-crossover” EV, made its debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS 2015).  Signaling General Motors’ idea of a 200-mile-range electric vehicle with a price tag around $30,000 after incentives, the Bolt is Chevy’s effort to play hardball with the likes of the Tesla Model 3 and, potentially, a next-generation, long-range Nissan Leaf.

Watch Emme Hall’s interview with General Motors’ Executive Chief Engineer of Electrified Vehicles Pam Fletcher, to discover almost everything you ever wanted to know about the Chevy Bolt concept:

Fletcher was the brains behind the propulsion system of the first-generation Chevy Volt, and has now taken the reins of GM’s future in EV technology.

Will the Chevy Bolt concept ever make it into production?  Who knows – but, assuming the sans-incentives price tag came in just under $40,000.00, it would become an interesting alternative to the $35,000-plus Volt.

Either way, concepts such as the Bolt will likely fuel the development of EV charging infrastructure which, in turn, will accelerate future development of electric vehicles from other manufacturers.  Whether or not EVs are our be-all, end-all future of transportation, the Chevy Bolt provides a step in a positive direction.

For more information, watch TFLcar’s live-streamed unveiling of the Chevy Bolt concept here: