TFLcar’s Top 10 Spooky Halloween Car Flicks (8 and 7)

Jeepers Creepers COE
Welcome to TFLcar’s Top 10 Halloween Car Flicks numbers 8 and 7. I love October and so do you; especially if you like Halloween-ish car flicks as much as I do! Get the popcorn and Fireball whisky ready for some great horror and action!

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8. Highwaymen

This 2003 Jim Caviezel flick is great for gearheads, but the weak plot and lack of a concise story kind of take away a little bit of the sizzle. The bad-guy’s car, a 1972 El Dorado never feels too threatening, unlike the truck in Jeepers Creepers. Now, Caviezel’s beefed up 1968 Plymouth Barracuda is awesome and gives this film an extra dose of badassery. The simple plot: Caviezel is trying to stop the Cadillac-driving murderer who preys on women (including his wife). The half man half machine bad-guy is like a character out of David Cronenberg’s Crash and his car is supposed to reflect his personality. This is kind of scary at times with a few creepy scenes. All in all, it’s fairly entertaining.

7. Jeepers Creepers

This 2001 film stars Justin Long and Gina Philips. Yep, this horror/thriller has a bat-like cannibal hillbilly as the main antagonist. Despite his screeching aloft in the last portion of the film, the evil redneck-mutant drove one hell of a nasty truck for a good portion of the film. Check out the beefed up 1941 Chevrolet COE (Cab Over Engine) truck with the license BEATNGU. This is a fairly scary movie with some intense and disturbing scenes – yum! It’s just the ticket for a Halloween-ish car flick night!

Highwayman film

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Yes, yes, YES – “Maximum Overdrive” IS on the list!

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