2015 Ford Mustang – Almost Everything You Wanted to Know [Video]

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2015 Ford Mustang

The next generation 2015 Ford Mustang is heading to the dealership near you very shortly. The big news is the introduction of the 2.3L EcoBoost four-cylinder. The 2.3L turbo will be the most efficient new Mustang, never mind that it produces 310 hp @ 5,500 rpm and 320 lb-ft of torque @ 3,000 rpms (using 93-octane). It’s EPA rated at 32 MPG on the highway, when mated to the the 6-speed automatic transmission.

The automatic 2.3L is rated at 21 MPG city, 32 MPG highway, and 25 MPG combined. It has the best highway cruising number, but you need to go for the 6-speed manual transmission and the 2.3L motor to get the best EPA combined estimate of 26 MPG.

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The most affordable of Mustangs will use the 3.7L V6 with 300 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. It starts at MSRP of $23,600, and the EPA rates it at 19 / 28 / 22 with the 6-speed automatic. The one equipped with the manual suffers in around town fuel economy.

The more familiar 5.0L Mustang GT will return 25 MPG on the highway, even with the power bump it received for the new car. The “five-oh” is making 435 hp @ 6,500 rpm, and 400 lb-ft of torque @ 4,250 lb-ft (using 93 octane).

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Watch this TFLcar video to learn all the details about the latest pony car.

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