Porsche Cayman GTS Tackles Go-Kart Track [Video]

2014 Porsche Cayman GTSFor many, the 2014 Porsche Cayman GTS represents one of the finest sports cars money can buy. Sure, it’s not as powerful as a 911, but it also doesn’t carry the 911’s growing price tag. The Cayman GTS is the driver-focused Cayman. It’s mid-engine, rear-drive layout provides the framework for excellent balance. It also allows for more storage than the 911; a front trunk as well as a rear trunk.

To demonstrate the handling prowess of the GTS, Porsche created this video at an indoor go-kart track in northern Italy. The standard “Professional Driver, Closed Course, Do Not Attempt” rules apply here, but it is a great video showing the handling of the car. Also, with little background music, you can also hear the tire squeal and the engine noise.

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Chad Kirchner

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