Top 5 Cars that signify you are bored with your marriage

People change, love dries up, passion evaporates and you’re left with someone your best friend said you should have never married. Or, maybe love is still there – but you’re getting bored. You’re no longer passionate, or thery’re no longer passionate. Something – ANYTHING new would be welcome… and then you see it – the car that will change everything.

Here are the Top 5 Cars that signify you are bored with your marriage (these cars work with both sexes):


5. 2014 Dodge Charger R/T: Nothing wrong with a beefy HEMI, incredible looks and as much attitude as a Harley- even if you’re an accountant. At least you know that the car is admired. Sure, you’ll get looks – lots of looks from men, women, children, dogs and your local constabulary – so what!? You’re cool and you’re pissing off your spouse. Maybe this is just what you need to get the fire rolling again. To HELL with your best friend’s advice – HEMI cures anything!


4. 2014 BMW Z4: Two seats, long nose, sleek lines and a sexy disposition go beyond chronic, marital desperation and delve into the world of sin. You’re driving a car that sexy people are seen in. It’s just that simple: the BMW Z4 will shed pounds, years and insecurities from you with a caress of the ‘Start’ button. Sure, the kids can’t come with – and who wants them to!? This is your French Riviera, you Monte Carlo – your Rodeo Drive… no kids allowed! It may spell the end of your marriage, but at least you’ll look fabulous at your 25th reunion!


3. 2014 Jaguar F-Type: Sometimes having the wind in your hair, sun dancing on the brim of your glasses and a sweet-thang perched next to you is all you need to refresh your perspective. The Jaguar F-Type is a perfect car for that need to have something seductive hiding beneath those overpriced sunglasses. Sure, you’ve upset your spouse with this impulse purchase – but just wait until they drive it. It’s the overwhelming of senses that this Jag does so well. Everyone loves a Jag. No one is immune and your spouse will (hopefully) see that this was a great idea! Screw it – the kids can go to city college.


2. 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sahara: The minute you want to tell the world (and your spouse) “I am still adventurous!” That’s when you get the Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Why the Sahara? Well, you were never going to do any serious off-roading, but you need the cool looking Jeep to take your next “selfie” next to. Get the ‘Unlimited’ version and you’ll have room for the kids. Get the hardtop and you can have some “me” time with your most recent conquest, with a measure of privacy.

smart electric 2014


1. 2014 Smart Car Electric: Want to impress the tree-huggers? Want to piss-off your spouse? Want to make the kiddies walk to school? Want to show your fierce independence while your spouse eats crow in the family minivan? Why not spend a little and get a little on the side? If you were looking to make an impression while making it seem like you had good intentions while still having a sun-worshiping ride, why not get Smart?

We do not recommend buying these vehicles in place of therapy, but it couldn’t hurt.

Here is a fun and informative TFLcar video on the Smart Electric