News: Would China focused Ford Escort Concept work in the United States?


ford escort concept 2013 shanghai front
2013 Ford Escort Concept

Ford is laser focused on the largest and growing automotive market in the world.  Hence, this Ford Escort Concept that debuts today at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show.  Yep, Ford brings back the Escort name and goes for a more practical and toned down design.  Ford says, “Customers in China described seeking a vehicle that is stylish – but not one that is arrogant or pretentious.”  This sounds like a tall order.  It’s not easy to make a mass produced vehicle stylish and modest.  This Escort Concept looks to walk this line.  So, would an Escort sedan also work in the United States?

The Escort Concept is described as having a premium aesthetic, feature packed, spacious, and affordable.  Sounds like a home run, right?  Ford emphasized that the company is evolving its global design DNA.  We already know Ford is selling the Ford Focus and the Fusion as global vehicles throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and beyond.  Why couldn’t this Escort do the same?  It could do very well against the latest Nissan Sentra, the upcoming redesigned Toyota Corolla, and others in the North American and European markets.

Ford did not specify mechanical details for this concept, but the Escort could share much of the same drivetrains with production Fiesta.  And that’s not a bad thing.

Please enjoy this fun insider TFLcar video about the design details of the 2012 Ford Focus:

Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

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