Video: How do you keep from curbing the Infinti G37’s 19 inch wheels when parking?


The 2011 Infinti G37 Coupe (with the sports package) comes with gorgeous 19 inch wheels.

Like many new cars today the wheels are fitted with ultra low profile tires that make the G37 Coupe look more sporty and yes…even cool.

But what looks cool and provides added traction is also a huge pain in the butt when it comes to curbs.

Unlike more traditional wheel and tire combinations the Infiniti’s gorgeous 19 inch wheels almost guarantee that if you get too close to a curb, for instance while parallel parking, you’ll hear the expensive sound of alloys wheels getting scratched by cement.

So how do you keep from curbing and scratching them when parallel parking the car?

Honestly we don’t know. Check out the video below and please use the comments section to add your sage advice.

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