Video: Lexus dangles four cars from an LS like a chain of automotive pearls

You have to admire the visual beauty of dangling four cars from a Lexus LS tethered to a crane.

Sure, the engineering is pretty straightforward. First and foremost you have to figure out if the frame of the Lexus LS is strong enough to support four other cars hanging from it like an automotive chain of pearls.

After you nail the science….the rest is pretty straightforward.

Oh yes, you still need the LFA and a driver brave enough to stand under five cars suspended and dangling in mid air.

So how was this TV ad entitled “chain” made?

Watch the video below and you’ll see what it took to create this stunning visual imagery.

“It isn’t enough to just say that we pursue perfection, we want to demonstrate the great lengths we go to in our pursuit,” states Dave Nordstrom, vice president of marketing for Lexus.

“The new broadcast spot allows us to focus on the foundation of our vehicles, the chassis, and show its almost unbelievable strength. In fact, we feared that it would be so unbelievable, we invited a physicist and structural engineer to witness the shoot, to prove that it did, in fact, occur without the use of special effects or computer generated-imagery.”

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