Insider Interview: Dodge CEO Ralph Gilles says we’re trying to ‘get the monkey off our shoulder once and for all’


It’s no secret that both Dodge and Chrysler have been kicked around from one owner to another over the last ten years. It’s also no secret that both car brands have had issues with quality and “perceived” quality in large part due to the constant revolving door of company ownership.

Chrysler Group design chief Ralph Gilles, as well as CEO of the Dodge brand, says that in 2011 Dodge is working very hard to ,”get the monkey off our shoulder once and for all,” when it comes to quality and perceived quality.

He goes on to say that the company is now “laser” focused on the driving dynamics of the cars Dodge sells.

“I want them to be stunned when they drive our new vehicles,” he recently told us in this exclusive TFLcar insider interview.

So what does 2011 hold for Dodge and Chrysler?

Check out this recent insider video with Ralph Gilles, to get the latest scoop on how Dodge plans to increase market share bringing a fusion of European and American handling or “Dodgeness” to it’s American line-up of new cars.

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