And the most expensive car to insure is….


The new Acura ZDX has the double dubious distinction of being both one of the slowest selling models of 2010 and now also the car that’s the most expensive to insure.

According to InsWeb, an online insurance comparison provider, the ten most expensive cars to insure include some surprises.

How do Insurance companies determine the cost of insuring a car?

It really depends on the socalled “loss history,” which is what an insurer will have to pay in the event the car is totaled. Insurance companies also use a complicated formula to determine the likelihood that any given  model will be involved in an accident, plus of course how much it costs to repair the car after an accident.

The Acura ZDX hasn’t been around very long so it’s a bit odd that it tops the list of the most expensive car’s to insure. When we tested the ZDX (see review below) we liked the car and came away impressed b it luxury and handling if not it’s utility.

The rest of the cars that make up the top ten list of most expensive cars to insure are below:

1. Acura ZDX
2. Audi TTS
3. Audi A5
4. Cadillac Escalade
5. Chevrolet Corvette
6. BMW Z4
7. Lexus SC 430
8. Jaguar XF
9. Cadillac STS
10. Dodge Challenger

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