Please…enough with the Top Gear Stig speculation already


That’s it…we call uncle.

We completely give up, just please make it stop already.

As you certaily know by now recently race car driver Ben Collins was outed as the White Stig when he got into a dispute with the BBC regarding writing a book.

Next James May wrote a story for the Telegraph revealing that he was the white Stig all along. (That was clever we have to admit)

But now we get word that the black Stig might be back from the dead (see video below).

Honestly, we just don’t care anymore.

What was once a funny and inside joke/debate has turned into an all consuming internet viral hype-monster-machine that has stopped being cute and has turned inside out and began devouring itself.

British reporters are stalking Collins at his home with his kids to confirm that he is (or is not) the Stig.

Last time we checked there were 1,211 news stories indexed by Google about this “greatest” of all mysteries of our time, Every time the black or white stig farts somebody writes an update and well…we just don’t care anymore…so please, please make it stop.

Let’s face it the Stig is just some lucky unemployed race car driver who (for a while) has the best job in the world.

And that’s great Top Gear publicity and water cooler chat that’s now become a lame out-of-control quest to generate BBC publicity. We just don’t care anymore.

You win Top Gear…and dear readers we promise no more Stig stories (red, white, blue or even black).

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