Neiman Marcus sells out of 2009 Christmas catalog Jaguars in hours


4-hours…that how long it took Neiman Marcus to sell all the special edition Jaguars it had in the 2009 Christmas catalog.

50-cars…that's how many limited-edition 2010 Celestial Black sedan XJL cars Neiman Marcus had on offer in this year's catalog.

$105,000-USD…that was price for the supercharged Jaguars 5-liter V-8 engine rated at 470 horsepower.

$0…that how much a a Federal or State tax rebate you get if you purchase one of these cars.

Unlimited…that's the number of slots available on the current waiting list, in case of cancellations, or in case the economy hits another financial iceberg.

You can checkout the limited edition Jag for yourself HERE.