Morgan Super 3 Rolls Its Way Back To The U.S.A. On Just Three Wheels

That's right, Morgan is back!

Morgan Super 3

Morgan is bringing a new three wheeler to the States after a 3 year absence.

It’s called the Morgan Super 3, and it’s not hard to see why. Morgan’s new three wheeler replaces the last Morgan sold in the United States. That model was also a three wheel machine that they discontinued in 2019. Morgan also has a long history of regular four wheel cars. Though, the Super 3 is all we’ll see on our shores for the foreseeable future.

Powering the Super 3 is a three-cylinder with 118 horsepower and 110 lb-ft of torque. Not too shabby for something that tips the scales at only 1,400lbs. The 1.5L engine comes courtesy of Ford, and Morgan mated it to a manual 5-speed. They say the Super 3 will manage 0-60 in around 7 seconds with a top speed of 130.

However, the most striking aspect of the Super 3 is its design. A curious blend of retro and modern, the new Morgan features turbo fan style wheels and aerodynamic “sideblades” that double as luggage mounts. Inside the cockpit weather resistant materials are necessary thanks to the lack of a top. Of course, the Super 3 is classified as a motorcycle, so the omission of a roof is understandable.

Though the Morgan Super 3 is not about the creature comforts, you can option USB ports, a lockable storage bin, heated seats and a heated footwell. Most of the options revolve around colors, fabrics and finishes. A selection of side mounted panniers and briefcases is arguably the Morgan’s most unique option.

Pricing starts around $54,000, so it certainly isn’t the cheapest enthusiast vehicle on the market. That being said, the Morgan Super 3 stands out without a doubt. To see more funky British vehicles, check out the TFLclassics video linked below!