News: Morgan Sends Off Its Quirky 3 Wheeler With 33 Limited Edition ‘P101’ Units

Pour one out for the weird little car you may have never known existed

Morgan 3 Wheeler P101
A limited edition Morgan 3 Wheeler P101. (Photos: Morgan)

After a nine-year run, the Morgan 3 Wheeler will end production

The Morgan 3 Wheeler was one of the automaker’s more popular offerings. Since 2011, 2,500 have been built, and that’s a fair number, because Morgan is a very small automaker. As of 2021, the Morgan 3 Wheeler will cease production. To send it off, the British boutique automaker will produce 33 limited edition P101 models. These 33 vehicles will have unique liveries, design elements and cosmetic enhancements. Morgan says they will be available in four ‘art pack’ variants.

Morgan 3 Wheeler P101

P101 Art Packs

The Belly Tank – Referencing liveries found on belly tank racers and ‘lakesters.’ Because they were inspirations for the 3 Wheeler initially, The Belly Tank graphic pack features a distressed effect in the vinyl. 

The Dazzleship: (vehicle shown in photography/video) Inspired by WWII combat ships.

The Aviator: Inspired by nose art found on RAF planes in WWII.

The Race Car: The Race Car graphic pack features stripes and roundels, paying homage to the liveries that adorned early Morgan race cars.

Just like the previous Morgan 3 Wheelers, the P101 will have an 82 horsepower, S&S 1998cc V twin engine. Power is fed to the single rear wheel via a Mazda-sourced five-speed manual transmission. The power may seem low for a sports car, but the Morgan can run 0 to 60 mph in less than six-seconds. It also gets 30 mpg.

According to Morgan, the P101 is priced from £45,000 plus local market taxes and on-the-road costs. That’s about $59,500 USD, and – yes – the Morgan P101 3 Wheeler will be available in the United States.

A word on 3 Wheeler production ending

“Production of the most recent 3 Wheeler has been a thrilling and exciting chapter in Morgan’s history. The significance of the original 3 Wheeler is undoubted, however the introduction of the ‘current’ 3 Wheeler in 2011 proved to Morgan, and the world, that fun cars still have a place and that the ‘why not’ attitude is sometimes best. The P101 celebrates the raw and stripped back nature of the 3 Wheeler, and provides us with the perfect opportunity to draw an incredible chapter of Morgan’s history to a close. Once the 33 examples have been created, the opportunity for an exciting new chapter for three-wheeled Morgan vehicles begins.”

Steve Morris, Chairman & CEO, Morgan Motor Company