Alfa Romeo Teases What Could Be the ‘6C’ Supercar Coming August 30

One subtle hint suggests it *could* be called 6C, at least

Alfa Romeo 6C teaser - news
(Images: Stellantis | Alfa Romeo)

Alfa Romeo has a new halo car — and its debut is just around the corner.

“Il coraggio di sognare”: “The courage to dream”. That’s what Alfa Romeo is promising the world on August 30, when it will reveal a new flagship that is, per CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato, “a true expression of Alfa Romeo DNA from a daring team with a desire to achieve the unique.” To that end, the Italian automaker published a short teaser to its Instagram profile:

There’s a bit just at the end of that clip where you catch an extremely brief glimpse of an unusual shape as the company declares its ready to show us this dream. It looks a bit like a “6”, which folks suggest may be a clue to this car’s identity as the 6C.

Check it out for yourself:

As the industry shifts away from internal combustion toward all-electric portfolios, we’re seeing brands making hay while the sun’s still shining with high-performance halo cars. The 6C rumor meshes with Alfa’s recent history, as we’ve seen both the 8C Competizione and the 4C. The numbers in those monikers refer to the car’s engine, an eight-cylinder and four-pot respectively. Right now, Alfa Romeo uses a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 as the backbone of its Quadrifoglio models — and that would be one hell of a starting point for a (possibly electrified) supercar.

On its own, the Ferrari-derived “690T” V6 manages up to 540 horsepower in the Giulia GTA/GTAm. The “dream” part of this reveal could well refer to the most powerful Alfa Romeo ever, perhaps with some electric oomph to back up the six-pot powerplant. It could also refer to some modern interpretation of old-school Alfa styling, or it could be pure 100% marketing schtick to gin up interest for…well, whatever’s coming up in a few weeks.

At any rate, pay attention on August 30: There’s something special coming from the Alfa Romeo museum, and we’re definitely curious to find out what it is.