This VinFast VF3 EV Crossover Is Only for Vietnam: Should It Come to the U.S.?

The VF8 and VF9 make business sense...but come on, this tiny tike would be cool

VinFast VF3 (Images: VinFast LLC)

The upcoming VinFast VF3 is their smallest offering that is not slated to come here…but you never know!

At 122.6 inches in length, the VinFast VF3 is tiny, like 30-inches shorter than a two-door Mini Cooper. Still, according to VinFast, it can hold up to five and it has some functionality as well. Overall details are thin, there is no official word on power, performance, or pricing.

In other words, they sent a few paragraphs about the design, with almost no technical details.

VinFast was bullish on the reception in Vietnam. They indicated that millions of citizens could be driving one of these, which indicates an affordable price tag. There will be some factory upgrades available, along with a slew of different colors. Once again, they didn’t elaborate.

Here’s what the company has to say about it:

“With its outstanding advantages of zero emissions, noise-free operation, environmental friendliness, and, most importantly, high safety standards, VF 3 has the potential to become the new “national vehicle” for the Vietnamese people. It can help fulfill the “car dreams” of millions of families while improving living standards and serving as a powerful catalyst for the widespread adoption of electric cars in Vietnam.


After doing some digging, I was able extrapolate some potential data based on their current powertrains. Once again, this thing is tiny, about 20 inches shorter than their smallest gas vehicle, which was based on a Chevrolet Spark. As such, their smallest battery, which is a 42-kWh unit used in the VF-e34, is simply too large for this application. Rumor of a battery that’s in the 24-kWh range are circulating. That would make more sense.

Also, this is (most likely) not an AWD EV, like the VinFast VF8. Given its diminutive size, and VinFast using front-wheel drive (FWD) setups in the past, it’s quite possible that this is a FWD car as well. VinFast has a 110 kW (142 hp) electric motor in their parts-bin, which would make this little thing scamper. Although, they may bring in a less powerful unit to extend range.

We do know that the VF3 will come with 16-inch wheels. It also has good ground clearance, perhaps over 7-inches. In the past, VinFast’s least expensive local car was the Fadil which was priced under 500 million VND (US$21,500). I suspect that VinFast will try to get the VF3 into that neighborhood.

I think it would have been a better “first” car for us (hear me out)

The VinFast VF8 has taken its licks from the press. I don’t think it’s all bad, but it sure was priced too high for the quality of what your buying. It simply cannot hold a candle to Hyundai/Kia, Ford or even Tesla. That’s mainly because of the price point of the VF8.

If VinFast read the room correctly, when they debuted here, they might have led with something affordable. In my opinion, there is a serious lack of affordable electric vehicles out there. Especially with the Chevy Bolt departing. Something like the VF3, priced reasonably, would have been a game changer.

Sure, VinFast might not profit much on a car like the VF3 being sold here, but it might have opened more minds. Think about how Hyundai did it many moons back. Their strategy paid off big time.

To put it a different way: if it looks way cool, and is cheap as chips, plenty of Americans will buy it too.

That’s not the case for the VF8.