The Next Electric Mini Cooper Is Coming In 2024 With Far Better Range: Report

Its range will be significantly better than the current model as well

The gas mini is sticking around, but the electric version should be more appealing too.

It won’t be too long before we see a revamped Mini Countryman, and there’s a brand-new Mini Hardtop model coming for 2024 (adopting the “Cooper” nameplate across the board) as well. The brand will still offer internal combustion options into this new generation, but a new Autocar report lays out further details on what the electric Mini Cooper will bring to the table.

Unlike the Countryman crossover, which will simultaneously launch with gasoline and electric options, the Mini Cooper EV hatchback will actually arrive before the gasoline models, in May 2024 (at least in European markets). It will be a bit wider and on a longer wheelbase than the current generation, but still should keep the same length to maintain that iconic small car image.

Apart from the name, one of the biggest changes for the electric 2024 Mini Cooper is its range.

Using a battery pack built in joint-venture with Chinese outfit Great Wall Motors, the new car will be available with either a 40- or 54-kilowatt-hour battery back. Global market models will reportedly see around 240 miles of range. The base Cooper will offer up 181 horsepower, while the Cooper SE will get a slight boost to 215 horsepower.

Mind you, U.S.-market specs are subject to change for both performance and range — stay tuned for updates there. For reference, our current Mini Cooper SE manages 181 horsepower and 110 miles of driving range from a 32.6-kWh battery.

Provided it lands on our shores in late 2024, the new Mini Cooper EV will launch around the same time as the new Fiat 500e. So, you’ll have a couple more options for a small and (hopefully) affordable EV.

The range update is a major sticking point with the current model. Check out how Tommy managed on a road trip below: