The 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Black Diamond Offers Some Mid-Range Off-Road Upgrades

Ford's expanding the availability of its Off-Roadeo to train new owners, too

The Black Diamond package focuses on underbody protection and styling tweaks.

There’s been a trend for off-road-themed kit on everyday crossovers over the past few years. And we’re back with another example, as that continues with the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Black Diamond Off-Road Package.

In essence, this car brings in some capability improvements for the mid-range Big Bend and Outer Banks models. Specifically, you get four steel skid plates covering key components of the drivetrain including the engine and fuel tank. Ford also includes the 17-inch carbonized gray wheels that are optional on the Badlands model, and the package caps everything off with special matte black hood and door graphics. So, you’ll still get some mechanical advantages to sticking with the Badlands model, like the torque vectoring rear differential and extra Mud/Ruts and Rock Crawl drive modes.

Ford did not announce specific pricing for the Black Diamond package with Tuesday’s reveal. However, we expect it to add at least a few hundred dollars to the Big Bend or Outer Banks’ bottom-line price. You should be able to order the Black Diamond Off-Road Package through Ford’s dealer network now.

Planning to buy a 2023 Ford Bronco Sport? You’ll get access to Ford’s Bronco Off-Roadeo

A second part of Ford’s announcement centers around its off-road training experience. The automaker plans to offer complimentary access to the Bronco Off-Roadeo for every 2023 Bronco Sport owner and reservation holder. It allows folks some opportunity to get some wheel time with trail guide instruction in a few locations across the U.S.

Bronco Off-Roadeo venues include (from west to east): Mt. Potosi, Nevada (near Las Vegas); Horseshoe Bay, Texas (near Austin); Moab, Utah; and Gilford, New Hampshire. Ford will also offer “Winter Weekends” for the Moab and Texas locations.