This New Moke Californian is a 1960s Throwback with an Electric Drivetrain

Yep, the Mini Moke is returning to the U.S. market for the first time since 1982

The open-air Moke is back — and this time, it’s electric.

I can fully appreciate that the original Mini Moke sold in America was before their time. Still, even a modern audience can behold in wonder (or bemusement) this new Moke Californian, which riffs on the classic 1960s Moke. More specifically, though, the “Californian” is a tribute to the U.S. model that debuted in 1977 and ceased production in 1982.

Unlike the military vehicle that preceded it (yes, the first version was used by the British Army), this new Californian leans on the car’s reputation as a beachgoer. Think Meyers Manx but based on a Mini. Actually, while we’re on the subject, the Beetle-based Meyers Manx was also recently revived as an EV.

Overall, the new Moke Californian weighs under 1,700 pounds, according to brand name holder Moke International. You get a single electric motor, powering the rear wheels and putting out 44 horsepower. The company says it will do 0-34 mph (55 kph) in 4.3 seconds. Why not give a 0-60 figure? Well, it won’t actually do 60 mph, instead topping out at 50 mph.

The Californian is still road-legal, though, and it can manage up to 80 miles before needing to be recharged. When charging time does come, it takes about four hours to replenish the lithium-ion battery on a standard 120-volt Level 1 circuit.

Moke builds this charming little EV in the UK. The ones imported will be the same as a similar model sold over in Europe, so we’ll soon be able to join in on the fun as well. As for how much it will cost, we won’t have those details for a few weeks yet.