Lamborghini Urus Smashes Pikes Peak Record for Production SUVs — By Nearly 20 Seconds

This is the *new* Urus that will debut later this month

Lamborghini Urus - Pikes Peak run featured
(Images: Lamborghini)
  • The Lamborghini Urus is a crazy fast SUV — and this new one just thrashed the Pikes Peak production SUV record, with a time of 10:32.064.
  • Bentley set the previous record (10:49.902) with a Bentayga back in 2018.
  • Yes, this is a new Urus, and it’s set to premiere on August 19.

Meet the new Pikes Peak champion for production SUVS — the new Lamborghini Urus.

Imaging seeing the Bentley Bentayga charging up Pikes Peak in a record 10 minutes, 49.902 seconds and thinking, “Wow, that’s an insanely fast SUV”. If you’ve had that in your mind for the past few years, you’ll need to reconsider for an even faster record holder in the new, yet-to-debut Lamborghini Urus. This Lambo didn’t compete in the official “Race to the Clouds” in June, but it still put down a record-breaking time of 10 minutes, 32.064 seconds. That’s quite nearly 18 seconds faster than the Bentley, and it has us curious on just what Lamborghini has up its sleeve for this new SUV.

Driven here by Pirelli test driver and hill climb champion Simone Faggioli, the new Urus looks decently familiar to what we already know, even under the camouflage. Lamborghini does share some information on the updated model, including its “standard” 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine. It’s unclear whether we’ll see more than 641 horsepower this time around, though.

This new Lamborghini Urus also brings in Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires, with a 285/40R-22 profile in the front and 325/35R-22s in the rear. Pirelli says this is the first time they’ve designed a semi-slick tire for an SUV. In collaboration with Lamborghini, the focus with this variant was “increased versatility, returning high performance both on dry asphalt with high ambient temperatures and on wet surfaces with colder temperatures.” We’ll have to test that out when the car is more widely available. But, in the meantime, Lamborghini means business with demonstrating this new Urus’ performance.