(Video) Mini Cooper SE Convertible Concept.. FINALLY! Something New & Exciting In The EV World!

Image: TFLcar

This Mini Cooper SE Convertible Concept is unique. I simply cannot think of a single production electric vehicle that has a convertible top.

One of the fun ideas out there, this Mini Cooper SE Convertible Concept could be something special – IF they build it. Sure, the Smart EV and Tesla Roadster were convertibles, but they are long gone. No one else builds a drop-top EV. As Sure, I guess you can remove roof panels on the GMC Hummer EV, but that’s different.

Tommy states in this video, Mini has all the tools they need to build such a vehicle. They already have a regular Mini Cooper drop top, and they have the EV platform, so a production car makes sense. Still, there has been nothing official from the automaker.

If it does make it to production, I suspect it will have the same 32 kWh battery that’s in the hardtop. That will probably mean slightly lower mileage, but (most likely) the same 181 horsepower and 199 lbs-feet of torque. Mileage may remain on the low side, with about 100 or more miles – give or take.

The Mini Cooper SE Convertible Concept should have the same charging capability with up to 50 kW at a DC station.

All in all, it makes a compelling case for itself simply being as adorable, and unique as it is. If Mini can keep the price reasonable, which they have with the hardtop, this could be a winner.

Check out the video for a guided tour of this topless EV!