Mercedes Reveals Pricing On The EQS AMG

You may want to sit down for this.

Mercedes EQS AMG
[Photos: Mercedes]

The Mercedes EQS AMG will start at $147,500

When Mercedes announced a 649 horsepower, AMG variant of the EQS, we knew it wouldn’t be cheap. The base EQS 450+ already starts at a hefty $102,310.

Granted, for the money, even the base model offers yacht-like luxury and the next generation of automotive tech. The EQS AMG ramps things up by adding in some rocket ship performance. Using a “Boost” function, the EQS AMG is capable of up to 751 horsepower.

Thankfully, the AMG is all-wheel-drive. Otherwise, it would probably need fresh tires every other charge.

More Standard Features

Tech geeks will be happy to know the AMG EQS comes standard with a 56″ Hyperscreen. The Hyperscreen converts most of the real estate on your dash board into 3 screens. The MBUX operating system is capable of displaying a dizzying amount of information using any of the three screens.

Burmester audio takes its cues from adjustments on the center screen. The driver can choose from an infinite range of sound settings to tailor the audio experience to a specific taste. The EQS also tunes its air suspension and damping to your driving conditions.

9 degrees of rear-wheel steering do well to hide the EQS’s size during tight maneuvers. What does all this cost? Pricing on the AMG starts at an eye-watering $147,500.

More To Come

The EQS is the first in a long line of upcoming EQ models from Mercedes. We recently had a chance to look at the upcoming EQE a couple weeks ago. The EQE sits below the EQS as a more compact alternative to the flagship electric sedan. Further down the line we can expect to see a full range of SUV’s and more economical EV cars from EQ.

For an up close look at the EQS AMG, check out Roman’s video on the car linked below.