Our First Proper Look At The Next-Generation Mini Reveals Some Major Changes: News

2023 Mini Cooper — pre-production model spied
(Images: Greg Kable, via Twitter)

The Next-Generation 2023 Mini Hardtop appears to have a ton of changes.

A lot of new changes to the Mini are immediately apparent with the exterior design, but is it enough?

A new set of spy images showing next-generation car are making the rounds, and were tweeted out by Greg Kable. It’s a pretty good bet that these cars are fairly production-ready, so it should be informative of what’s coming to production. Judging by the other camouflaged Minis in other photos, those changes should also be wide-ranging across the model’s lineup. It’s apparent that the Cooper four-door and Cooper S are hanging around as well.

The main attraction is this white next-generation Cooper. While the front end is still familiar, there are some obvious changes, including the headlights. The rearview side mirrors look a bit larger, which would be a good thing. You can clearly see other significant exterior updates, and the grill is one of them.

That design update is especially noticeable with the rear end design. The next-generation Mini appears to have ditched the signature squared-off taillights for a triangular design.

The new model still has fairly similar headlights to the current model.

It still appears that Mini kept what I call the “fish eye” headlights. The halo component is still there, but the internal design of the headlight looks different. Perhaps it’s a mix of projection and LED lights? Well, at least the dead fish eye look is now kind of angry.

The interior looks a bit different as well. If you look at the screen and steering wheel, they both look like they have been upgraded.

Mini already stated that their other products, the Countryman and Clubman will get updates in 2023 as well. The thing is, these last updates are probably the last ones for the gas models. Mini will begin its serious move to electrification shortly. That means, they want to have about 50% of their models electric by 2027. Eventually, the internal combustion Mini will be extinct.

While we savor the future possibilities, check out one of our recent roadtrips with the (current) Mini Cooper SE below: