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It’s been another insanely busy week here at TFL Studios. In case you missed it, we covered the Los Angeles Auto Show with a slew of videos posted on TFLnow, the introduction of the all-new Range Rover HSE, the introduction of Hyundai’s newest value-buy rockets, the Elantra N and Kona N. We also showed off a way for non-Tesla drivers to charge their EVs at Tesla’s Level 2 chargers.

So, if you need to catch up on everything, here’s your one-stop solution: You can watch some of our most popular videos this week below!

LA Auto Show: Hands On the 2022 Lexus LX 600

The Lexus LX 600 is the closest we in the States are going to get to the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser. Powered by Toyota’s new turbo V6 with 400-plus horsepower and nearly 500 ft-lb. torque and new 10-speed automatic. Question is whether this new LX is too Lexus-luxury to be a legit overlander. See for yourself.

LA Auto Show: 807-hp Dodge Challenger Jailbreak

Pushing the limits of what the Dodge Challenger Hellcat can do, Dodge brought our an insane new tune called Jailbreak. Why? Why not. The ICE-era is coming to an end so why not turn the volume up to 12 from the Hellcat’s original 700-hp rating and the Red Eye’s 797-hp and go out with a smirk and a roar.

LA Auto Show: Nissan Airya EV Crossover

With EV crossovers from Toyota/Subaru coming soon, Nissan introduced its own EV crossover, the Airya. The new EV shares a similar shape and style notes with the Nissan’s best-selling Rogue. But of course it’s a completely different vehicle inside and out. See for yourself whether the Airya is up to compete with VW’s iD4 or Ford Mach-E.

Hyundai Elantra N and Kona N Are GTI and Civic Si Killers

Meanwhile, up in Sonoma County, California, Kase introduces the all-new Hyundai Elantra N sedan (with a 6-speed manual available!) and the Kona N. Both pack a 2.0-liter turbo 4 tuned to an eye-popping 276 hp and nearly 300 ft-lb. torque. On paper, these Korean sportsters blow past the new VW GTI and Honda Civic Si and go after the Golf R and Civic Type-R.

Tesla Level 2 Charger But No Tesla? No Problem

Lectron chargers supplied us with their Tesla to J1772 charger adapter that lets non-Tesla owners take advantage of Tesla charging stations set up outside of Tesla’s Supercharger network. It’s a real-world demonstration of a real-world problem for EV owners. This being the differing charging plugs that populate the world. Hopefully the future will arrive at a singular plug design (hello, USB ports!). Until then, Lectron has you covered. #sponsored.

These are just some of the highlights from this week on our TFLcar and TFLnow channels. You can check them out for even more coverage from the LA Auto Show, including two hot new Porsches, new trucks, and more.

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