Ask Nathan: The Kia Telluride Pickup Will Happen, Electric Miata and Bronco Doom Awaits?


In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • I’m telling you that the Kia Telluride pickup truck is on its way!  
  • Will there be an electric Mazda Miata?  
  • You guys will never get a Ford Bronco!

The first question comes from a Kia fan who swears that a Kia Telluride Pickup will go into production in the next few years.

Q: (Via: NathanAdlen@Twitter) You cast shade on the Kia Telluride pickup truck going into production.

Considering the facts about the popularity of pickups, you may want to reconsider! I am telling you and all automobile journalistic types that the Kia Telluride pickup will be in production soon! It will be better than the Ridgeline and Santa Cruz!

— Anonymous


A: I truly hope you’re right about the production of such a pickup, but I am still doubtful.

There are a few cool leaks that cam from Kia about pickups, but it was for an overseas’ audience, so I don’t know if it will be valid information in the United States. Back in 2019 (pre-pandemic) Kia Motors Australia COO Damien Meredith stated that the automaker was serious about building a pickup.

“We’re talking about a pick-up, dual-cab, single-cab. What we’ve requested is the full gambit of a ute – diesel, and petrol,”

Kia Motors Australia COO Damien Meredith via CarBuzz
Image: Kia

In the past, Kia was seriously looking at producing a pickup truck for our market. The Kia Mojave (or Mohave – if spellcheck kicks in) KCV4 debuted at the 2004 Chicago Auto Show. It was cool, and unique. The overall size was close to a midsize pickup, and it was built on a ladder frame. Similar to a Frontier/Tacoma, it was supposed to be built on a stretched Kia Borrego platform. It had a folding midget, and a sweet looking interior. Sadly, it never made it to production.

There is a lot of chatter about it online. If you go to one of the Kia Telluride sites like, you’ll find plenty of posts about it. There are many conflicting theories about this vehicle, but there’s nothing conclusive yet.

Pat of the reason is the same issue we’ve had with Hyundai regarding the Santa Cruz. Years of speculation, conflicting reports and… silence. Hyundai’s brother company Kia, appears to be doing the same thing. Still, the online speculation continues.

This could mean a concept may debut soon, but it could also mean that the idea is scuttled.

Many speculators point at a full truck (ladder frame) underneath the cab. A “proper” pickup truck if you will. Others think it will be a rebadged Hyundai Santa Cruz with a unique front end, interior and components.

In my estimation, Kia will wait and see how the sales of the Santa Cruz (& possibly the Ford Maverick) before pulling the trigger.

Thanks for the message!

— N

The next question comes from a young fan who wonders if Mazda will ever make a production electric Miata.

Q: Hi Nathan! It’s Marty from Louisville and I wanted to know if you think Mazda will make a EV Miata.

I’m 13 and can’t wait to get my license to drive. Me and my dad watch mainly Tfl car and truck and sometimes your off road channel. I saw a old video when you drove a Miata and said it was amazing. I think I want a Miata when I get a little older. But I was wondering by the time I get to drive if Mazda will make the Miata electric. Its like everyone is doing it.

Please say hi to everyone at the studio and tell them they are welcome in Kentucky anytime!

— Marty

A: That was a great question Marty!

The Mazda MX-5 Miata has been one of the best selling small sportscars in the United States for many years. While it may not seem like a lot, Mazda sold 8,807 Miatas in 2020. That was actually a big increase over 2019. What I’m saying is: it’s still popular.

Mazda is one of the most efficient automakers out there. The current batch of gas engines are powerful, efficient and seem to be pretty solid. Sure, they are about to start selling the PHEV Mazda MX-30 here, but that’s far from seeing their fleet going all electric anytime soon.

The MX-5 Miata is on a unique platform that doesn’t have a lot of spare room for things – like a battery. Engineers have work hard to make the car perfectly balanced – an it is! It is one of the best handling cars you can buy for a reasonable amount of money. Making it electric, and keeping its reputation for performance might be hard right now.

I would say (and this is juts guessing) that, if Mazda wanted an all electric sportscar like the MX-5 Miata, they would have to start from scratch. The battery alone would be a huge issue. Also, what about weight and balance?

There’s a lot to take into account when you look at a vehicle for electrification.

Mazda is having a hard time with the PHEV CX-30 right now, and I thinik it will take them a long time before they find a way to replace the gas-powered Miata with an EV.

Thanks again!

— N

The last question comes Twitter – and it’s about our (perceived) failure with Ford. 

Q: (via Twitter@NathanAdlen) You guys will never get a Raptor or Bronco at this rate.

I know you’re good with Ford but I see a blue Bronco going around in your area to guys who have very few subscribers. Or guys who just screw around in them. But still nothing for TFL? Boo hoo! It’s hard to be on top and not get what you desperately want. I guess you guys will get one after the un-%#@&!! the chip and production.

— Troy of Helen

2021 ford bronco tflcar purchase tfloffroad

A: Well, we just bought one – so…

There you go.

Thanks for watching!

— N