Mercedes-AMG Is Bringing Their F1 Know-How Into E-Performance Brand, Teases New Hybrid GT Four-Door

Mercedes-AMG Is Bringing Their F1 Know-How Into E-Performance Brand, Teases New Hybrid GT Four-Door
Images: Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-AMG E-Performance brand will unite Mercedes F1 and the automaker to build future products.

According to the Mercedes-AMG E-Performance announcement, they are advancing their interpretation of a powerful and efficient hybrid technology for the future road-going models. Simply put, they are using F1 hybrid technology for their upcoming batch of road-going vehicles. E-Performance will be the new branding Mercedes will use to underscore the power potential of these new hybrid vehicles.

Here’s what they’ve done, in their own words:

“Expanded pooling of the motorsport activities at the Mercedes-AMG high-performance brand. An even more in-depth, mutual transfer in the development of future-oriented, electrified technologies for motor racing and for the road. (And) all that as part of a partnership characterized by shared values and, of course, the passion for motorsport.”

Daimler Media

The four-door Mercedes you see in these photos is one of the AMG vehicles they are working on. Reports state that it is a hybridized AMG GT four-door. Other shots show the AMG Project One hyper-car and Mercedes’ all-new Formula 1 racer. While there is no official word on the teased four-door, it is believed to be an insanely powerful plug-in-hybrid (PHEV) that could have an output north of 800 horsepower.

There are several benefits road-going, performance-oriented vehicles can gain from the sharing of F1 hybrid technology. Among the many benefits includes the cell technology of the high-performance batteries, advanced software and cooling tech. It would most likely be greener and more efficient. On top of that, it could be a direct competitor for Porsche’s PHEVs.

You will see a lot more from the Mercedes-AMG E-Performance brand in the near future.

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