CES 2021: Here’s More On What’s Coming To iDrive In The BMW iX

It's not your grandfather's iDrive, at least according to BMW's video

CES 2021: Here's More On What's Coming To iDrive In The BMW iX
BMW aims to catapult its iDrive control center into the future with the iX, but it still retains some thoughtful analog touches. (Photos: BMW)

The future is now.

At least, that’s what exhibitors more or less aim to show us as they showcase new technologies at CES each year. CES 2021 is a bit of a different animal, as there are no physical attendees or booths present. Instead, companies debut what they’ve been working on virtually, and that’s what’s happening with BMW. This year, the automaker showed off what’s coming in its next-generation iDrive infotainment system. The system’s changed dramatically over the past 20 years, and this is more of a glimpse at how it’s going to operate into the next decade.

CES 2021: Here's More On What's Coming To iDrive In The BMW iX

The 14.9-inch curved screen shown here will launch with the iX, set to hit American roads next year. BMW says the system is “set to transport driver-vehicle interaction into a new digital and intelligent age.” To that end, the car itself will be able to use cloud-based services to pull in more data than the driver alone could manage. The iX, for example, will be able to receive and display hazard warnings from other BMWs in the area. It could also use real-time data to predict parking availability when you arrive at a destination. Once the vehicle arrives, it can park itself with greater ease than even current systems can manage.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed just how much technology is crammed into modern cars, BMW provided a helpful (if a bit ridiculous) video. Check that out below and you’ll see what I mean: