The 2022 Honda Civic Has Arrived, And We Think It Looks Pretty Damn Good: Video

The eleventh-generation model will arrive in Spring 2021

2022 Honda Civic
2022 Honda Civic Prototype

After several teasers, the 2022 Honda Civic has arrived.

The actual eleventh-generation Honda Civic will go on sale next spring. For now, though, this is the 2022 Honda Civic Prototype, and it gives us a solid look at what the future brings. And you know what? It actually looks pretty sharp, if I do say so. Styling’s always subjective, we’re keen to point out, but it’s tough to argue that Honda really screwed this up, unless you absolutely hated the tenth generation’s styling. For the record, I didn’t.

Honda just provided an interior rendering, but here we already see some cleaning up when it comes to layout over the tenth-generation model.

For the time being, think of this 2022 Honda Civic as more of a design study. Alex actually had the opportunity to see the prototype firsthand in California, which you can check out below. The inside isn’t quite finalized, though Honda did provide a design rendering. You can check that out above, and let us know what you think of the overall design in the comments below. And if you think I’m totally wrong on the styling, let me know that as well. I’d like to think I’m still part of the generation Honda’s aiming at with this sort of car — even if I’m just clinging on. But if the normal Civic isn’t enough, do bear in mind we will have a full lineup in due time.

There will be a 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback, and it will be built right here in the United States. With the closing of Honda’s UK plant in Swindon, the hatch will join the sedan in Ohio. Add to that a new Si and — halle-freaking-lujah, another Type R — and the future, as it stands, is looking pretty bright. Even if you’re not a fan of the Civic, it’s worth acknowledging that Honda continues to fight the good fight by offering manuals in most of the Civic lineup. Granted, the interior shot shows an automatic, but we’re pretty sure the Type R and Si will continue to have a three-pedal option.

Check out the 2022 Honda Civic close up, and check back to for more updates!