Engineering Explained Can’t Explain This…10 Minutes With Tommy Ep. 1

“I want to fight the duck-sized horse!” Wait, what?

Welcome to the “10 Minutes with Tommy” series, where we cover the most pressing, burning automotive questions in “the ride”: this time a 2019 Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV. Just kidding — the questions range from dry erase versus chalkboards, The Office versus Parks and Rec, to what you would rather fight.

Don’t worry, there are some car questions in there too! You just have to watch to get to them.

In this episode, Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained fame comes along for the ride. If you want to know which car Jason took to prom or whether he prefers dogs against cats, then watch on. This and our several other videos are coming to TFLcar as part of this year’s Automotive Video Association awards, so stay tuned for much more!

For more on the Mercedes-AMG G63, check out the video below: