Sadly, Chevrolet Won’t Show Us The C8 Mid-Engine Corvette in Detroit [News]

Odds are it will debut in Chicago or New York

Chevy has done a fine job making sure there is plenty of hype for the upcoming mid-engine Corvette. As the much-hyped model loses some of its camouflage, we can’t help but think it’s close to the reveal. However, it seems Chevy won’t reveal the mid-engine Corvette at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Carscoops contacted the American manufacturer to see if the C8 Corvette would make an appearance in Detroit. Chevy’s official response stated Chevrolet, “will not be hosting a formal press event at NAIAS”. It seems the mid-engine Corvette, and any other new Chevy models will not be coming out in Detroit.

Sadly, Chevrolet Won't Show Us The C8 Mid-Engine Corvette in Detroit
The current C7 Corvette is on its way out, as the new mid-engine Corvette makes its way onto the scene next year.

Why not Detroit?

We’re certain the new Corvette is going to come out next year. So why not start the year off with a bang and reveal a mid-engine Corvette in Detroit? We think that Chevy doesn’t want their thunder stolen by another American manufacturer. Ford made it clear recently that the 2020 Ford Mustang GT500 will make its debut in Detroit. While it would be difficult to out-hype a brand new Corvette, the GT500 may be one of the few cars that could successfully rain on Chevy’s mid-engine parade.

That’s not the only important sports car making its debut in Detroit, either. We also know that Toyota will use the Detroit show to debut the all-new Supra. Once again, this is a car that could possibly steal the show.

If I were Chevrolet, I would want my new mid-engine Corvette to make as big of a splash as possible. Revealing the C8 at this Detroit show may not be a great idea, given what else we already know to be coming out. Clearly, they agree.

Ok, so when?

Given we expect the car to go on sale next year, there are a limited number of places where we could see the new mid-engine Corvette. The next show after Detroit is Chicago in February. This could be a good place to reveal the C8. However, the Chicago show typically focuses more on new trucks. I think the more likely option is the New York Auto Show, due to its larger scale and car focused history.

Of course, Chevy could surprise us and reveal the car somewhere else in the world. But, New York feels right. Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see what Chevy decides for themselves.

While we wait to find out where the new mid-engine Corvette will make its debut, stay tuned to for the latest news, views & real-world reviews and even more information about the much anticipated Corvette.

Fortunately, Colorado is a hotbed for prototype testing. We were able to catch one of the unicorn mid-engine Corvettes up here in the mountains while it was doing some testing. Check out the video below to see and hear the mid-engine ‘Vette in action: