Body on Frame Dodge Durango, MINI mini pickup truck and Budget Track Car? [Ask Nathan]

  • Will there be a body on frame Dodge Durango?
  • Did I see a MINI mini pickup truck?
  • What’s a good starter vehicle for track days?

The first question comes from Twitter (@Nathanadlen) about a rumor regarding the future body on frame Dodge Durango.

(Via Twitter@NathanAdlen) I head that Dodge may go back to a body on frame Dodge Durango in 2021. 

Do they have a midsize truck frame to use? Maybe a Mitsubishi?

They Called me Bruce


A: Greetings Bruce!

Yea, I caught wind of that rumor recently. It’s a cool idea, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me if FCA is building a body on frame Jeep Grand Wagoneer. They would compete with each other – right? They would both be 3-row SUVs that compete with Tahoes and Expeditions – right?

I know the Jeep Grand Wagoneer is meant to compete with higher end vehicles like the Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade, so (perhaps) the Durango would indeed compete against the Tahoe/Suburban and Expedition. That means a full-size frame like the one now being used with the new Ram 1500.

I doubt they would use a smaller Mitsubishi truck frame; although, it should be said that FCA is gearing up to make a midsize pickup truck. Who knows what type of frame (if there even IS a frame) that vehicle could have.

In a nutshell, there’s lots of speculation, but nearly no facts to back this idea up – yet.

Thanks for the email!


The next question comes from a MINI fan who caught wind of an old story we published about a one-off MINI pickup. You can read that post (here).

Q: I saw you guys tased on this photo of a MINI mini pickup truck! 

Is this something that’s going to be built? I know that a long time ago real MINIs built tiny panel trucks and pickups. Is this the same idea?!

Matt from El Monte, CA

A: Hi Matt!

No. The photo you saw was a one-off project constructed out of the (unloved) Mini Paceman. Actually, I think this design would sell like hotcakes, especially in places like California and Florida. It’s like a min surfing/biking truck-let and it looks like it would be hoot to drive.

Sad to say, but MINI is in a bit of a fog when it comes to new products. They keep growing larger and more expensive, often ignoring their roots. I doubt anything like this would ever be built.



The last question comes from a viewer who wants to know what (cheap) used car he should get to go to track days.

1990 mazda miata interview bob hall creator

Hi TFLCar! I love watching all of your channels. It’s my daily entertainment right when I get to work and during my lunch break. 
My question is, I don’t know too much about what makes a good track car. My 2009 MBW X5 isn’t the best choice for track days, but I don’t want to replace it either. So I thought I would see what you guys thought an inexpensive track car could be.
I’m to very technically or mechanically inclined, so I need something simple and easy to maintain and work on. Maybe a good “starter” car for someone who loves to drive, but doesn’t know how to wrench very well. You know what I mean.
Do you think it’s possible to do something like this for less than $4,000?

A:  Greetings CC!

Simple answer: get a used Mazda Miata. Sure, other cars are quite good, but for your budget and your experience level seems to be, the Mazda MX-5 Miata is an outstanding track vehicle. It’s very forgiving, handles amazingly and there are tons of track parts available for it aftermarket.

Performance rubber, good brakes, a roll cage and a fuel cell are all good bets 0 and easy to find for most used Mazda Miatas.



Speaking of insanely good track cars…

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