The 2019 Shelby GT Packs 480 Horsepower & Gold Stripes a la Hertz


Shelby has just unveiled the 2019 Shelby GT, a mild tune and appearance package for the Ford Mustang GT. The refreshed version for 2019 comes with 480 horsepower & an optional gold stripe package that pays homage to the Hertz Shelby special edition Mustangs of the past.

This Shelby GT is an interesting mix of go fast bits and aesthetic changes.

Under the Hood

Shelby was known for making race cars, and fast ones at that. Obviously, old man Carrol is no longer with us, but his legacy of tuning lives on. This 2019 Shelby GT begins life with a 5.0L Coyote V8 from Ford. Some mild tuning and a Borla catback exhaust give this Shelby 480 horsepower, a 20 HP gain from a stock Mustang GT. Interestingly, this is the same amount of power that comes out of the new Bullitt Mustang.

Other Performance Bits

Shelby have also made a few tweaks to the suspension on the 2019 Shelby GT. Ford Performance springs and anti-roll bars come with every new Shelby as well as some caster and camber adjustments.

Gotta Look the Part

Much of the Shelby’s upgrades come in the form of aesthetic changes. Many body panels are different, including the hood, front bumper, grille, side skirts, and rear valence.

H is for ‘Heritage’

Shelby also offers the GT-H package, which many would assume means Hertz, but really it means Heritage. Though, the gold stripes certainly don’t help convince us otherwise. This package, also adds Ford Performance shocks, in addition to the springs. Due to the gold stripes, the GT-H package can only be had with black or white paint.

Pricing & Availability

How much does it all cost? The base model starts at $61,345, and a Heritage or Premium model starts at $66,345. This comes with a 6-speed manual and a fixed roof. Though a 10-speed auto and a convertible version can also be had. Eventually, we’re told, a supercharged version will be available with over 700 horsepower. It even comes with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

You will be able to buy the 2019 Shelby GT at select North American Ford dealerships.

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Oddly enough, you can buy a Mustang Bullitt for $47,495. The performance parts from Ford that Shelby have thrown on only cost about $1,000. So, theoretically, you could have a car that drives extremely similar for a lot less money. To see what we thought of the Mustang Bullitt, check out the video below: